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Annual servicing, Brake replacements, Clutch overhauls, Timing belt replacements, Pre NCT testing, Suspension repairs, Diagnostic work, Electrical work, Gearbox repairs, Engine repairs.


Both annual and interim servicing are very important to the life span and safety of your car. Since approximately 2003 many manufacturers have moved away from alternating minor and major services and prescribe a maintenance schedule over the predicted lifespan of the car. Every service still entails an engine oil and filter change but remaining service items such as air filters, pollen/cabin filters, fuel filters, spark plugs, brake fluid, antifreeze, engine breather filters etc. have very varied replacement intervals dependent various manufacturer’s. By using quality parts and lubricants and carrying out service checks in accordance with manufacturer’s service schedules Car Maintenance Centre is able to extend the lifespan of your car and maintain the highest level of safety possible. Car servicing at Car Maintenance Centre is VERY competitively priced. See our service price list for a rough idea as to what your car will cost to service and our service check list to see what will be done.

Due to the wide variety of car makes and models, prices quoted are an estimate only. Exact prices are pre-agreed once the exact make and model of the car have been established. All prices quoted include VAT.

Major service estimate includes air filter and pollen filter replacement. Spark plugs, wiper blades, brake fluid and fuel filter replaced as per manufacturer’s interval and at an agreed extra charge. Please refer to the table of estimates under “Our prices” for rough estimate of your car’s service.

Interim Service Checklist:

  • Tyres (bulges, cracks, nails, tread depth, pressure, sizes and ‘E’ rating (including spare wheel))
  • Brakes (pads and discs condition)
  • All exterior lights function
  • Front and rear wiper blades and wash function
  • Horn
  • Engine oil and filter replacement
  • Check and correct brake fluid level, power steering oil level, windshield washer, engine coolant level
  • Fan belt and auxiliary drive belts
  • Reset service reminder and update service book

Major Service Checklist:

  • Tyres: (bulges, cracks, nails, tread depth, pressure, sizes and ‘E’ rating (including spare wheel))
  • Suspension: wheel bearings, suspension links and bushes, steering links, anti roll bar links and bushes, shock absorbers, balljoints etc.
  • Brakes: pads and discs condition, flexible hoses and associated brake lines, brake fluid quality, park brake quality
  • All exterior lights, headlamp focus
  • Front and rear wiper blades and wash function
  • Horn
  • Engine oil and filter replacement
  • Air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter and spark plugs as per manufacturers specification
  • Check and correct brake fluid level, power steering oil level, windshield washer, engine coolant level
  • Fan belt and other auxiliary drive belts
  • Door, boot, bonnet locks, check straps, window regulators, seatbelts, aircon/heating system
  • Unsecured body panels, lamps etc
  • Engine, gearbox, differential, cooling system leaks, drive shaft gaiters, exhaust system security and leaks
  • Reset service reminder and update service book

Diagnostic Repairs

emissions test

Diagnostic fault finding usually pertains to engine, airbag, ABS and gearbox management systems. Most faults result in a warning lamp on the dash.

Our range of diagnostic equipment allows us to interrogate fault memories rapidly thus pointing us in the direction of the fault which we try to rectify as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Brake System Maintenance

brake maintenanceBrake system checks are an integral part of annual servicing. Generally speaking, the most likely parts your car might need would be front brake pads and rear brake pads or shoes (cars with rear drum brakes.) Brake discs usually last about three brake pad changes. Driving styles obviously contribute to the need for brake pad replacements, but generally speaking, the bigger and heavier the car the more often the car will need its brake pads replaced. A brake fluid change is required by most manufacturers every two years. The reason for this is that brake fluid is designed to absorb water vapour that results from the fluid warming up and cooling down after each driving cycle. The amount of water vapour is microscopic and a two year interval is sufficient.

Although the efficiency of the brake fluid is not compromised by absorbed water vapour, excessive build up of water may result in internal corrosion of the metal brake components such as callipers and the master cylinder, leading to premature failure of these components and the need for expensive repairs. See the table below for a rough idea of what a brake pads replacement for your car will cost. Brake fluid changes are charged at a fixed price of €40

Engine size Front pads Rear pads
Up to 1900cc €80 €70
1900cc to 2400cc €105 €95
Above 2400 cc €115 €105

Timing Belt Replacement

timing beltNot all cars have timing belts. Some have timing chains which only need replacing when they become noisy or when the performance of the car becomes impaired.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important the timing belt replacement or timing belt change according to the manufacturer’s schedule is to your car. These schedules vary significantly from car to car. Using your car’s service history and the relevant manufacturer’s schedule Car Maintenance Centre can determine if the belt needs replacing or not. In addition to the belt, some manufacturers suggest replacing the associated pulleys and tensioners and, sometimes, even the water pump at every timing belt change. Car Maintenance Centre’s timing belt replacement costs are VERY competitive. Call or email for a quote – generally between €250 and €350.

Clutch Replacement

clutch kitThe clutch life span of your car is largely dependent on your driving style but some cars are prone to more frequent clutch failures. Some cars, usually diesels, might also require a new dual mass flywheel. These are unfortunately very expensive. Car Maintenance Centre has a broad range of experience in clutch replacements from Mini Ones to Landrover Discovery 3. Using our experience we are usually able to rule a dual mass flywheel replacement in or out. Feel free to call or email us for a competitive quote.

Suspension Repairs

suspensionSuspension components are not replaced according to a schedule but only when they pass a certain point of wear and tear. Worn suspension components usually result in rattles and knocking noises and can eventually lead to the road holding ability being compromised. Most suspension wear is detected during full servicing and during NCT testing and pre testing. Car Maintenance Centre carries out a broad range of suspension repairs from simple shock replacements to suspension arms, wheel bearings to wheel alignments.

Engine & Gearbox Repairs

gearboxNobody wants to hear that their car needs an engine or gearbox replacement. At Car Maintenance Centre we endeavour to keep these prices as low as possible by weighing up the pros and cons of repair vs replacement and new vs second hand.

Electrical Repairs

diagnosticsElectrical repairs typically cover faulty lamps, starter motors, alternators, central locking systems, wiper systems, horn systems, and faulty batteries. Due to the extreme complexity of some car electrical systems it is sometimes necessary and more cost effective to rely on main dealer services. Car Maintenance Centre uses its experience to make that decision if necessary.