About Us

Car Maintenance Centre is an established motor vehicle service centre operating just off the Belgard Road in Cookstown Enterprise Park (next to the Belgard Luas Stop).

At Car Maintenance Center we aim to provide a quality and honest service to the public at an affordable price, making customer satisfaction a priority.

We try and balance value with quality when repairing and maintaining your car. Fitting the cheapest available parts to your car may not always be ideal from a reliability point of view as well as from a long term cost point of view ie. fitting superior quality parts may cost slightly more but will out last and out perform cheaper, poor quality parts. Experience enables us to strike this important balance.

car maintenance centre

We specialize in car maintenance, service and repair paying particular attention to detail, so regardless of your car of choice, you can rest assured that your car will receive a thorough service with an honest and reliable inspection/safety report.